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Top 10 most popular tourist destinations for Russians in 2010

Top 10 most popular countries in July among users of the Yandex:

  1. Over a quarter (26%) of all requests were Turkey.
  2. The second most popular search is Egypt, which in July requested by 11% of “Yandex” users.  In absolute terms, tours in Egypt has requested by 123 thousand people (compared to 112 thousand in July last year).
  3. Greece closes the top three, with an index 7.2% (80 thousand requests). Compared to July 2009, the number of requests to Greece has increased more than twice.
  4. Fourth place is occupied by Italy (5.4% or more than 61 thousand requests). The number of requests for this country in July up by more than half (55%) compared to the same period last year.
  5. Fifth place was taken by Spain with a share of 4.8% (54 thousand requests). The number of requests for Spain in July of this year increased by more than 75% compared to July 2009.
  6. The sixth is the position of Tunisia with a share of 3.8% (or almost thousand requests).

    Following the six leaders

  7. Bulgaria – 3.5%,
  8. Cyprus – 3.3%,
  9. Croatia – 3.2%.
  10. Montenegro – 2.9%.

Yandex users requested tours to Mexico 4 times more compare to July 2009. 2,5 times more for the Dominican Republic, more than 90% of increased demand for tours to Sri Lanka, Brazil, the Maldives and Tahiti, and 50% in Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam.      

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