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The Island Showcase - MOSCOW - 20/Sep/2010

TGE Consultants  joined the Island Sowcase in Moscow on the 20th Sept. 2010. The event was organized by INTERFACE TOURISM RUSSIA, RMConsultants. TGE's Managing Director Mr. Tryfon Georgopoulos  proudly presented the company's island luxury properties to a forum of VIP Russian agents and Tour Operators.

The showcase part was held in a relaxed atmosphere and according the the guests’ and hoteliers’ say, the one to one meetings should prove to be productive.

The result is very positive judging by the visitors’ reactions and such a confidential event seems to be the right size to promote upscale island properties.

  • The number of 40 buyers (most of them top managers, 34 companies represented) is a real achievement as during the same evening were held two other major events: the Four Seasons’ cocktail and another one from Singapore tourist board. 49 had writtenly confirmed out of 138 invitations sent. No doubt that the quality of the presented hotels (which was announced in advance in all releases) helps greatly to get this result.
  • The 40 visitors represented a good panel of buyer profiles. From major TO (specialized or not) to upscale small and medium-size travel companies serving a wealthy clientele, thus having a potential for any upscale destination.
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